About Us

We believe in getting the job done right...

Neglected regular maintenance is the leading cause of equipment failure... but sending vehicles and equipment out for regular maintenance service takes valuable time from your operation. 

Truck Lubrication Co. Inc., founded in 1963, provides a regular maintenance program that is tailored to your specific needs at your place of business with all the products necessary to expertly maintain your equipment and save your business time and money. 

We are registered with all hazardous wasted agencies and dispose properly of all materials. i.e - drain oil, filters, etc. and have highly-trained maintenance technicians that treat each vehicle as though it was their own.

Today we provide services throughout the state of California as well as in Las Vegas, Nevada and in several locations in Texas. Our goal is to remain the leading and best mobile truck maintenance company throughout the United States. We're committed to excellence and we do the job right!